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Old News

2004/06/17 - FingaMIDI 2.0rc3 for Panther Released

This release fixes a bug whereby several copies of FingaMIDI could appear in a MIDI setup. You can download it here.

2004/06/01 - FingaMIDI 2.0rc2 for Panther Released

This latest release candidate adds power management awareness to the driver i.e. the driver is no longer left in an unresponsive state after waking from sleep. You can download this latest release here.

2004/05/25 - FingaMIDI 2.0rc1 for Panther Released

This release candidate features several user interface and functionality improvements including a new interactive calibration system and the ability to change controller numbers etc. on the fly while the driver is running. This is a beta release and, as always, caution is advised. You can download 2.0rc1 here.

2004/04/09 - Update & Poll

Work on the Panther version is progressing well, with 1.0 as it stands already ported, and the latest changes to Apple's ADB mouse driver code merged in. I intend to make an interim release in the next few days - essentially a Pantherised 1.0. Once this is done I intend to rework the user interface to make it more intuitive. As part of this I would like to find out if a standalone front end would be more useful to most people than the current PrefPane arrangement. You can let me know what you think using the poll below.

Poll is closed (See Result).

2004/03/10 - Release - 1.0rc2

This release contains a few minor fixes and adjustments. The main difference is improved decoding of the z-axis data - its still not properly continuous but as far as I can tell this is a hardware issue beyond my control. MIDI channel and controller number preferences are now stored on a per-user basis.

2004/03/05 - FingaMIDI and Panther

A few people have had a go at installing FingaMIDI on machines running 10.3 Panther and run into problems. YMMV, but I really don't recommend it yet. I intend to start work on a Panther version as soon as I am confident that 1.0 is ok for a final release. Hopefully it won't take long to make the changes.
If you want to keep up to date with releases etc you can subscribe to the fingamidi-users mailing list here.

2004/02/21 - Release - 1.0rc1

This update contains improved calibration code, persistent settings, user-configurable MIDI channel and controller numbers plus a command line tool for switching between modes. No new features will be added in version 1.0, and this release will be promoted to 1.0 in about a month if no bugs are reported. There have been no changes to the kernel module, which is considered stable.
This release can be downloaded here.
Go forth and find bugs.

2003/11/26 - Tips & Tricks Forum

This forum is for finding solutions to commonly encountered problems, or leaving information that may be useful to others.

2003/11/26 - Update - 0.2.1 beta

This update fixes a minor problem with the installer packages. There are no changes to the software itself. The update can be downloaded here. Please read the information and warnings on the remainder of this page before attempting to install FingaMIDI.

2003/11/19 - First Release - 0.2 beta

The first public release of FingaMIDI is available for download here. Please read the information and warnings on the remainder of this page before attempting to install FingaMIDI.